Church View Family Practice

Child Health Checks

Health Visitors

You can normally see the Health Visitors at their drop-in clinic for further information please contact the Practice.

Health Visitors are all trained nurses who have extra training and qualifications in child health. They are a fantastic source of information about child development and health, parenting strategies, breastfeeding, nutrition and community support. They also offer help with social, emotional and environmental issues that affect families.

Child health checks

8 weeks – at GP clinic

You will be asked to attend your GP clinic where your GP will examine your baby’s physical health and start the immunisation programme.

14–16 weeks, 6–9 months, 12 months

A member of the health visiting nursing team will call to ensure that you and the baby are well and to determine what level of help you need. A review of your child’s health, growth and development along with your own and your family’s health will be carried out by your health visitor.

Information/support will be available for your family on health issues, eg bonding, baby massage, healthy feeding, sleep routine, play, dental health, and home and child safety.

2 years – 21⁄2 years

At this stage, your health visitor will visit you at home to review your child’s health, growth and development. Your family health assessment will be reviewed. Areas addressed will include your child’s hearing, speech, vision, diet, play, emotional health and wellbeing, and pre-school education.

4 years

At this stage the health visitor will review your child’s record and will decide in partnership if a phone call, clinic or home contact is required and transfer it to the school health nursing service.

It is important to let your health visitor know as soon as possible which school your child will be attending.

The health visitor can provide information on a range of health issues including pre-school immunisation programme or advise on who can help you best. You are welcome to contact your health visitor at any time in your child’s life to access information.

Child Immunisations

Immunisations are given by our Practice nurses or other Healthcare professionals in accordance with the NHS vaccine schedule.