Church View Family Practice

Interpreting Service

We do not allow children to act as interpreters during your treatment or appointments. 

The Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Interpreting Service (NIHSCIS) strives to improve access to HSC for patients who do not speak English as a first, or competent second language. Interpreting is a specific skill and profession, and it is recommend that a professional interpreter is provided to ensure a high quality and accurate service.

NIHSCIS is free-of-charge and legally it is the Patient’s right to have professional language assistance if required.

NIHSCIS Interpreters are professionally trained and bound by confidentiality.

The Role of the Interpreter is:

  • to interpret everything that is said
  • to be bilingual and know how to interpret
  •  to interpret accurately (Not always word by word interpret-ing, but the full meaning of the conversation being conveyed)
  •  to be impartial
  • to maintain confidentiality
  • to clarify cultural nuances and be aware of cultural or
  • circumstantial issues
  • to signpost clients or patients to other services


E: [email protected]
T: 028 9536 3777

Further Information

A member staff from the Practice or the hospital department dealing with your treatment or appointment will arrange the interpreter. To make sure we can support you effectively we need you do certain things. So, let us know you need this help as soon as possible. This should be as soon as you make an appointment with your GP.

  • If you are coming into hospital contact the ward or department to let them know you need an interpreter as soon as you receive your hospital appointment. You may need a friend or relative who speaks English to tell us this the first time you need an interpreter
  • Be sure to let us know if you will not be coming for your appointment or treatment. If you do not tells us you might stop another patient getting the help they need
  • Be sure to tell us if you will be late for your appointment or treatment. Another patient somewhere else might need the interpreter. If you are late the next patient might miss their appointment or not get the help they need
  • Lets us know if you have had any problems with communication during your appointment or treatment. This will help us improve the service
  • Tell us if communication was good. This also helps us give a good service.